Monday, 25 March 2013


'This page of Genesis is rewritten every day in the living out of the human story. Each of us has been there when we, godlike, decided that we would determine what is good and what is evil - at least for our own lives. Perhaps we shied away from the godlike pretension of making a universal rule that applies to all. Modestly - or so we said - we limited ourselves to deciding "what is good for me" and "what is wrong for me." "I can speak only for myself," we say. We would not think of "imposing" our judgment upon others. Under the cover of modesty, we deny the truth about the good and evil that does not require our permission to be true. Thus we would evade the truth of good and evil that brings us to judgment. The truth is that we do not judge the truth, the truth judges us.'  
Richard John Neuhaus, Death on a Friday Afternoon, p.13.