Friday, 16 May 2008


‘A little child is easily affected with grief at temporal evils, and his heart melted, and falls a weeping. Thus tender is the heart of a Christian with regard to sin. A little child is easily afrightened at the appearance of outward evils, or anything that threatens its hurt. So is a Christian apt to be alarmed at the appearance of moral evil, and anything that threatens the hurt of the soul. A little child, when it meets enemies, of fierce beasts, is not apt to trust in its own strength, but flies to its parents for refuge. So a saint is not self-confident in engaging spiritual enemies, but flies to Christ. A little child is apt to be suspicious of evil in places of danger, afraid in the dark, afraid when left alone, or far from home. So is the a saint apt to be sensible of his spiritual dangers, jealous of himself, full of fear when he can’t see his way plain before him, afraid to be left alone, and to be at a distance from God...A little child is apt to be afraid of superiors, and to dread their anger, and tremble at their frowns and threatening. So is a true saint respect to God...A little child approaches superiors with awe. So do the saints approach God with holy awe and reverence.’
Jonathan Edwards in Sam Storms, Signs of the Spirit: An Interpretation of Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affeactions, p.128.