Saturday, 29 May 2010


'Let us not cease then to ply the only instrument of powerful and operation, to do away from you the love of the world. Let us try every legitimate method of finding access to your hearts for the love of Him who is greater than the world. For this purpose let us, if possible, clear away the shroud of unbelief which so hides and darkens the face of the Deity. Let us insist on His claims to your affection; and whether in the shape of gratitude, or in the shape of esteem, let us never cease to affirm that in the whole of that woundrous economy, the purpose of which is to reclaim a sinful world unto Himself, He, the God of love, so sets Himself forth in characters of endearment that naught but faith, and naught but understanding are waiting, on your part, to call forth the love of your hearts back again.'
Thomas Chalmers, The Power of a New Affection, p.9.