Tuesday, 12 October 2010


'...everyone tends to have two worldviews: a confessional, professed worldview and a functional, actual worldview; the one they claim - even to themselves - and the one they really live. We may carry around a well-crafted, theologically precise, and biblically consistent worldview. But against the tug of daily living, that professed worldview does not always exercise the pull it should. At the street level of daily life, the way we actually live reveals what we truly believe.
For example, many Christians who have the sovereignty of God as a principle element of their professed worldview still fret over their circumstances or work too hard to establish control over things. Many Christians say they are sinners, yet stubbornly defend themselves when confronted with an area of sin in their life. Many Christians claim to believe that the most important things in life are unseen, yet they invest their time, energy, and resources in a life-long pursuit of physical pleasure and comfort.'
Paul David Tripp, Broken-Down House, p.216.