Thursday, 21 July 2011


'It is arrogant to assert, "I found it!" or to give the impression that we are better people or that we have the truth. It is is arrogant to suggest that we are saved by belonging to the right group and performing the right rituals. However, the gospel announces that God has found us - sinners - while we were running from him. The door is wide open to all sinners. There is no path from us to God. However, God has found a path to us in his Son. We are not testifying to our moral, intellectual, or spiritual superiority. On the contrary, we are procliaming the God of grace who saves sinners. Precisley because the gospel is Good News for sinners and not a good plan for good people and groups, it is not something for which we can assume any pride.'  
Michael Horton, The Gospel Commission, p.103.