Tuesday, 26 January 2016


'...there is a kind of subtle balance. In all earthly relationships, the man represents God more obviously than does the woman: in active transcendancy, in keeping an objective distance, in leadership and work. But we realize at once that it is the women who best represents humanity in its relationship with God: in the face-to-face relationship with the LORD, every human being, male or female, must accept a feminine position, existing from him and for him, receiving and bearing the seed of his word, receiving and bearing the name he gives. And the "three things" that remain, faith, hope and love (I Cor. 13:13), have they not all a feminine fragrance? Well did the Creator weigh the respective advantages of the male and female. The scales are less unequal; than is supposed. Each one of us, man and woman, finds it easier to live one dimension of the human portion, being as the image of God; one represents him, one corresponds to him.' 
Henri Blocher, In the Beginning: The Opening Chapters of Genesis, p.104.